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Jeremy Lo
ACE Class of 2024

What appealed to you about the ACE program and why did you apply?
I first read about ACE when I was applying to SCU as a senior in high school. I thought the opportunity to sharpen my leadership and professional skills while meeting with business students in my year with different backgrounds and majors would be beneficial to my development.

How is ACE supporting you professionally?
ACE has provided me both a professional and personal network of people I can reach out to about interviewing, companies and career paths. The diverse group of students amongst 3 cohorts has provided me opportunities to learn and grow from- in particular, an older ACE student helped me prepare for an interview. 

Biggest takeaway from the ACE Program?
My biggest takeaway from the ACE program is how many people are facing similar professional and personal challenges as me and there are so many people in my corner. Whether that be Brenda or other students in my cohort, I know that I always have someone to reach out to if I need a helping hand.