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ACE Newsletter September 2018
Mary Maas

ACE Class of 2021

What appealed to you about the ACE program and why did you apply? 
I applied to the ACE program because I admired the camaraderie between students from the cohorts in years ahead of me, and I wanted to meet people in the business school who would become friends, classmates, mentors, and strong connections for life. I was also excited about the internship program, which would provide guidance and professional advice as I searched for a summer internship after my junior year.

How has the ACE program benefited you professionally?
The ACE program has put me in contact with marketing professionals who offered valuable career advice as I tried to figure out what I was interested in and what types of positions I would apply for. Additionally, the multiple professional skills workshops that ACE provided throughout my years in the program have offered an abundance of useful, practical advice that have been essential to my applications for internships as well as grad school.

What do you think will be your main takeaways from the ACE program?
My main takeaway from ACE is the group of people I met in the program! They have become close friends through classes, group projects, and ACE meetings, and I am so grateful to have met them. Aside from that, ACE helped me navigate situations that were initially uncomfortable (interviews and networking events, for example) and enabled me to become reassured and confident in my professional life post-graduation.