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ACE Profiles 2021-22
Matt Mayo
ACE Class of 2024

What appealed to you about the ACE program and why did you apply? 
Being incredibly passionate about relationship-based leadership and community building, I knew that the ACE program was the perfect place for me to not only cultivate these passions of mine in a professional setting but to meet like-minded individuals who would assist me in becoming my best self inside and outside of the program. Additionally, I also decided to apply to ACE to be part of a community that would provide me with the skills needed to continue my pursuit towards building sturdy bridges with members of the professional world, which ACE sets all of its members to do seamlessly. 

What are you looking forward to in the ACE Program?
The ACE program acts as a catalyst for professional development by providing its members with panels, workshops, and activities that allow us to elevate our professional repertoires. As a sophomore, I am very excited to learn how to execute successful coffee chats, properly ask business professionals for help, and carry myself effectively through refining my resume, cover letters, and interview skills, which are all teachings that ACE offers that will allow me to set the foundation for becoming a cultivated businessman. 

What is your biggest takeaway from the ACE program?
My biggest takeaway from ACE is the importance of networking and connecting ourselves with other people. I believe ACE sets us all up with the opportunity to not only learn how to network upwards but to network across with fellow students who are intrinsically motivated to put their best foot forward in all situations. When placed in an environment like this, it will only allow you to push yourself forward to be a better version of yourself.