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ACE Profiles 2021-22
Annie Meng
ACE Class of 2023

What appealed to you about the ACE program and why did you apply? 
I chose to join the ACE program because of the great opportunity it would provide me in working alongside a diverse group of students. I wanted to surround myself with driven and ambitious people while also cultivating strong bonds and memories with them! I was also very interested in the professional building that ACE offers, ranging from workshops to in-person company tours. Overall, ACE provided all of the professional and community opportunities that I was looking for

How has the ACE program benefited you professionally?
Over sophomore year, Brenda and Jack provided us with great workshops that taught us about elevator pitches and set us up for success in interview settings. They also introduced us to upperclassmen and alumni. This really helped us broaden our professional network, which I've come to learn is extremely important. Now as a junior, Brenda has provided even more resources for us: headshots, internship prep seminars, and more! 

What is your biggest takeaway from the ACE program?
My biggest takeaway from the ACE Program is that everyone progresses at different paces and that there isn't a set path that someone should take because everyone has their different strengths and weaknesses. I've made many relationships within my cohort as well as connections that have been introduced to me through ACE. This has taught me the importance of networking, community, and how critical it is to be able to lean on your peers.