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ACE 2022-23
Cole Novara
ACE Class of 2024

What appealed to you about the ACE program and why did you apply?
In searching for ways to get involved on campus amid COVID, the ACE Program stood out to me for a few reasons. Having the opportunity to surround myself with a diverse cohort of extremely motivated and talented individuals seemed vital. Further, the immediate connection to countless juniors, seniors, and alumni after being online for my first year was necessary personally and professionally. So far, ACE has proven to achieve and surpass all expectations. 

How is ACE supporting you professionally?
The ACE Program has been a fundamental driver to my professional career. Engaging in the program’s workshops has no doubt offered an abundance of practical advice that has assisted in many ways, from my resume and interview skills to the ability to have a meaningful conversation. The extensive alumni connections are also invaluable, both professionally and personally. Getting to know influential business leaders in the community through informational interviews and coffee chats simply because of the ACE connection is critical to success.

Biggest takeaway from the ACE Program?
My biggest takeaway from the ACE Program so far is the ability to build a strong personal brand, which will catapult you into success in the world, both in business and in your personal life. Having the necessary tools to put yourself out there in a meaningful way and build strong relationships with those around you is absolutely crucial to achieving your goals.