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Mary Sullivan

ACE Class of 2022

What appealed to you about the ACE program and why did you apply?
Freshman year, a friend (who was a Junior in ACE) recommended that I apply for ACE and encouraged me to go to an info session. I liked that ACE offered a framework for me to work on my professional development - something that I knew was important but was unprepared to do on my own. I ultimately decided to apply because of the mentorship, connections, and opportunities that come with being a member of ACE.

How has the ACE program benefited you professionally?
ACE has helped me by demystifying professional development and giving me the opportunity to work with like-minded students. Mentors like Brenda, Jack, and my “big buddy” Agatha have all helped me develop the skills and confidence to succeed professionally. For example, this past summer, the skills I gained as a member of ACE helped me land an internship (alongside another ACEr!).

What do you think will be your main takeaways from the ACE program?
I think one of my main takeaways from the ACE Program will be the importance of knowing how to advocate for yourself. It’s easy to feel small and insignificant when applying to a competitive job or internship, and I often used to find myself downplaying my successes. Advocating for yourself isn’t easy, but ACE has given me the confidence to take up space and the self-assurance that I can succeed in whatever career I find myself in.