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ACE Student, Yash Tanna Head Shot
Yash Tanna

ACE Class of 2022

What appealed to you about the ACE program? What initially made you want to join?
When I first heard about ACE, I was very interested in the professional development opportunities that the program offered. Whether it was networking workshops or alumni panels, it seemed that ACE definitely prepared it's cohorts for the professional world. As a current business student, I was excited to have this opportunity to grow in the next four years alongside fellow LSB students who are just as passionate and driven about their futures as I am. 

What do you hope to take away from being a member of ACE?
I hope to be as prepared as possible for my professional career and ensure that I have developed the necessary skills to do so. Additionally, being a part of a program like ACE means that you are surrounded by business students who are just as ambitious and driven as you are, which pushes you to grow and improve and be the best version of yourself. 

How do you think ACE will help you in the future after you graduate? How will ACE help you achieve your professional dreams?
I believe ACE's powerful alumni connections and company tours will be extremely helpful when I'm researching potential careers or when I'm applying for job positions. ACE also ensures that it's members thrive in the professional world through various workshops, allowing me to be prepared for any opportunity that comes my way.