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Kyle Lydon

Peer Career Consultant
Kyle Lydon

Finance Major
Seattle, WA

This summer Kyle worked at Tableau Software in Seattle as a Finance Intern on the Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) and Finance Analytics teams. In his role on the FP&A team he budgeted expenses for upcoming quarters, projected headcount for the end of the year, and analyzed variances from prior months’ forecasts. In the Finance Analytics part of his job, he used Tableau regularly to develop workbooks that could provide dynamic updates for departments across the company.

One way Kyle made sure to make the most of his opportunity this summer was to learn the Tableau product. He quickly grew his skills with the software and even earned his Tableau Desktop Specialist and Certified Associate certifications by the end of his internship. He also made sure to ask for work and accept new projects whenever possible and wasn’t afraid to ask questions in order to learn more.