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Ryan Blair

Peer Career Consultant
Ryan Blair

Finance Major
Bellevue, WA

Over the summer Ryan worked as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Cascadia Capital, a regional investment bank in Seattle. Cascadia Capital services clients who are looking to be bought by other companies. His primary duties were to assist the full time analysts with various tasks. These included putting together financial models, creating pitch decks, and doing a lot of industry specific research.

Ryan did a number of things to go above and beyond during his three-month role. He made sure his tasks were always finished on time and always asked for extra work if he finished early. “Making sure that you’re available and willing to work is important in a fast past environment like an investment bank,” he said. He also mentioned that outside of work, there were a fair amount of social opportunities with coworkers. Ryan pointed out that an understated part of his success was his ability to handle himself professionally in office settings and in social gatherings with his coworkers.