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News from the ACE Leadership Program

One of our favorite parts of the ACE experience is facilitating connections between current students and alumni.  There’s a palpable excitement when we bring alumni into our workshops to talk with students.  It’s also a great reminder that being a part of the ACE program in college is just the beginning of your participation in a terrific life-long network of professionals. During February, be sure to take advantage of all of the wonderful ACE connections.

- Brenda and Jack

Welcome Back, Juniors!


Welcome back to all of our ACE juniors who were abroad this past fall! Last quarter, 15 members of the junior cohort studied abroad all over the world on four different continents. OMIS major Tiffany Ta (left) traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, and says, “My abroad experience allowed me to better understand the inner workings of a world that seemed so foreign to me. I was also able to travel throughout Taiwan and become fully immersed within its culture and with the people.


Meanwhile, marketing major Michiko Zerda (right) maintains that “Studying in Melbourne, Australia, for fall 2016 was probably the best decision I have made in college thus far. This is not only because it became my second home, but also because of the friendships I was able to establish there.” As the juniors settle back into life at SCU, they will continue their research on potential internships for the summer. If you see Tiffany, Michiko, or any other ACE juniors around, be sure to ask them about their exciting study abroad experiences.

ACE Senior Starts Real Estate Association


ACE senior finance major Carrick Young is the President of SCU’s newly-established student organization, the Real Estate Association. Carrick founded the organization this past September after noticing that there were no opportunities for students interested in the field. He believes in the importance of the Real Estate Association, stating that “Developing students into future developers, brokers, investors, project managers, and other real estate professionals that tackle our unique real estate problems is critical to the success of Silicon Valley.” Since its inception, the group has grown to over 130 members and has been a great way to complement the university’s new real estate classes offered through the Finance department. Furthermore, the Association will be hosting its first-ever Real Estate Career Fair, open to all majors, on February 2nd from 4:00-6:00 pm in Lucas 126. Despite all of this success, Carrick said what he really enjoys most is “having the opportunity to share [his] passion for real estate with other students.” If you would like to join the Real Estate Association or find out more information, you can contact them at

Stand Out from the Crowd: ACE Your 30-Second Introduction


It’s easy to take an introduction for granted. You say hello, share your name, and ask a polite question.  What if this 30-second introduction could be the start of a conversation that sets you up for your next job?  This month ACE students in all cohorts have the opportunity to connect with ACE alumni through scheduled events and seminars. Make the most of these opportunities by practicing your 30-second introduction. Think about your answers to the following questions: What are your interests? What is your dream job? What SCU experiences are a highlight for you? Try to integrate your answers into a short introduction and share it with a friend to practice your delivery. This is an evolving process, so set some time aside to make it an authentic part of your introduction. A 30-second introduction is good tool to master as you introduce yourself to the alumni and other professionals this quarter and beyond. You never know what might happen!

Calendar of Events for February 2017
Real Estate Career Fair
4:00-6:00PM | Lucas Hall 126

Open to all majors. Bring copies of your resume!

ACE 2017 Senior Retreat
9:00AM-1:00PM | Lucas 126
ACE Alumni Career Panel
6:00-7:30PM | Lucas Hall 126
First-Year/Sophomore Career Fair
5:00-8:00PM | Locatelli Center

Check Handshake for employer information.

ACE Field Trip to LinkedIn
3:30PM (more details will be provided)
ACE 2019 Personal Elevator Pitch Workshop
6:00-7:30PM | Lucas Hall 126
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