Evan Chen

ACE Class of 2019

Why did you chose to join the ACE program?

One of the main reasons I chose to join the ACE program was for professional development. Before I joined my cohort, I was a reserved first-year with mediocre resume and interview skills. Even though I have only been in the program for half a year and am still working on my professionalism, I believe that my business skills have improved significantly and will continue to develop. Furthermore, I have definitely become more confident in my own abilities thanks to the program. With the help of the weekly workshops, I have been able to work towards my career goals and stand out as a student and applicant.

What was your biggest takeaway?

The ACE program has been such a valuable experience and I have learned so much from it. Students who join the program should take every opportunity to learn and grow. Ultimately, the ACE Program will allow students to have an edge in life after graduation.

How has the ACE program complimented your business education?

The ACE program has mainly complemented my business education through the alumni connections. By connecting with ACE alumni and participating in Field Trips and Company Tours, I am able to see what a career in Accounting & Information Systems really looks like. Overall, the events sponsored by the program have allowed me to make a tangible connection between my in-class learning and hands-on experiences.