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ACE Profile
Andrew Elliott

ACE Class of 2020

Why did you chose to join the ACE program?

I chose to join the ACE program to surround myself with like-minded driven individuals so that it would push me to be the best I could in my business education, my career and in my personal endeavors. Something that really drew me in once I started doing some research was the network of ACE alum and the opportunities afforded to ACE students to learn from them by doing work visits and panels.

How is ACE supporting you professionally?

ACE supports me professionally by instantly giving me access to a huge network of ACE alum at great companies both in the area and across the country. On top of that, workshops give me the tools to have a successful professional career.

How has the ACE program complimented your business education?

ACE gives me the real-world skill and knowledge I will need that nothing but real-world experience and trial and error would give me.