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Catherine Kang

ACE Class of 2018

Why did you chose to join the ACE program?

I originally decided to join ACE because I loved the idea of being apart of a cohort that consisted of motivated and dedicated students. I also thought the panels and workshops would provide a great opportunity to help develop my professional career and gain business skills; things you typically wouldn’t get the chance to learn in a classroom.

What was your biggest takeaway?

As college students, we are in a unique position where we have so many resources around us and have the opportunity to learn from professionals through informational interviews. Even with all these resources, you won’t benefit from them unless you take advantage of them and be proactive. Take the initiative, push yourself in challenging situations, and build up your network!

How is ACE supporting you professionally?

ACE has strong and committed alumni that have been a huge resource for me in gaining professional career advice. It has taught me how to network, carry myself in interviews, and how to brand myself. ACE also has close relations with many Silicon Valley companies and these networking events have helped me get my summer internships.