Kyle Lydon

ACE Class of 2020

Why did you chose to join the ACE program?

I chose to join the ACE program because it was a great opportunity to develop my professional skills, get on the right track toward finding an internship that was right for me, and be around other students who have done well academically and share my interests in business.

How is ACE supporting you professionally?

ACE is supporting me professionally by connecting me with alumni from companies around the area, teaching me key lessons of working in teams, and working on ways to improve my individual skills that will be needed in future professions.

How has the ACE program complimented your business education?

The ACE program has complimented my business education by touching on many aspects that are not taught in classes with set curriculums. ACE has not covered specific things that all business students learn in class, rather it has taught skills that will be needed in the business world that cannot always be taught in the classroom. These things include the ability to work in teams, speak in front of a room of people, network effectively, polish a resume, take criticism, and reflect on individual strengths and weaknesses.