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ACE Profile
Emily Monroe

ACE Class of 2018

What is your favorite ACE memory?

During the fall quarter of our sophomore year, when we still did not know each other very well, we went to Santa Cruz to go on a retreat. The whole day was amazing, but during the first team building activity, there was one moment when we realized that our teams were not competing against each other, but together. It was really incredible to see our cohort suddenly come together and actually break a record!

What was your biggest takeaway?

I think that sometimes there is a step missing in higher education between classes and being ready for the business world. The ACE program gave me the skills to, in a sense, bridge the gap between succeeding in the classroom and being able to succeed in the real world.

How has the ACE program complimented your business education?

In ACE, we have not only learned really important professional development skills like how to interview, how to prepare a resume and Linkedin page, and how to network, but ACE has also introduced me to many different alumni with different careers that I may not have considered before hearing them speak about their experiences. I think a big part of ACE is not only preparing us for careers after college, but also helping us to figure out which career paths we might want to pursue.