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ACE Profie
Tiffany Ta

ACE Class of 2018

Why did you chose to join the ACE program?

With the vast amount of opportunities that Santa Clara gives to its students, I needed to narrow down which ones I would be able to be dedicated my time to and which would have the best return on investment for myself. What really drew me into the ACE program was how the sophomore project centered around service and the multitude of learning opportunities the ACE program gives us such as: interview workshops, LinkedIn workshops with professionals, networking events, and additional resources. Being in ACE allows me to interact with a group of students that have similar aspirations, ambitions, and drives that I do.

How is ACE supporting you professionally?

ACE has supported me professionally by being an additional resource I can reach out to. With such a great support system I know that I can reach out to Brenda, Jack, or anyone in the ACE community when I need advice on my interviews, resumes, or cover letters. ACE also holds special interview and LinkedIn/resume workshops that have helped me tremendously through the internship/job hunt process!