Harding, Carolyn

Carolyn Harding

Winter & Spring 2016 Fellow,
Foundation of Silicon Valley

Major: Marketing
Minor: International Business
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Interests: Reading, Traveling, Spending time with friends and family

Give a brief summary of your responsibilities/tasks in the internship.

I assisted in the planning of the Family College Success Center (FCSC) Ribbon Cutting ceremony, which was attended by various city officials and the mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo. My duties included procurement and delivery of event materials, assistance in marketing for the events and social media marketing.  I also proved support at FCSC ranging from creating a website for our calendar, running the FCSC email address, delivering materials, to checking in with teachers, to watching children while their parents attended a night class.

How do you think you made positive contributions to the department/organization?

By creating the Family College Success Center, HFSV and myself have created a lasting place for children and families to find the guidance they need to set themselves on a college bound path. This center will hopefully be a resource for generations to come. My work was directed at ensuring the center run smoothly and efficiently to guarantee both current and future success.

How did this experience enhance or connect to what you are learning in your LSB or other courses?

I used my marketing degree to be a valued member of my team by creating my own materials in addition to providing feedback on others. Additionally, the LSB constantly teaches the 3PS: profit, people, and planet. LSB stresses not only the importance of making money, but also doing something good for the world. Working at a nonprofit embodies those ideals of profit, planet, and people in many ways. HFSV strove to use dollars from corporations to help Latinos gain college degrees, and thereby create an educated, balanced planet.

What was the most beneficial aspect of this experience for you?

The most beneficial aspect of this experience was interacting with the local community and learning from the other Fellows. Listening to how similar their experiences were in a lot of ways provided a lot of comfort to me. At times, my internship challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Having the support of the Fellows was incredibly valuable, as I learned so much by listening to them talk about their own internships.