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Amy Chen

Winter & Spring 2017 Fellow,
Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School

Accounting Major
Japanese Studies Minor
Home Town: San Jose, CA

Amy's final thoughts on her internship:

Cristo Rey San Jose (CRSJ) is a Jesuit, Catholic high school that empowers students from underserved communities. Longer school days, individualized learning, counseling services, faculty support, and a unique work study program all come together to help these high school students reach the ultimate goal of graduating high school and college.
As an intern for the Corporate Work Study Program at CRSJ, I had a variety of responsibilities and gained perspective on school administration. My supervisor really cared about my interests and always offered me different projects.  One of my bigger projects included auditing work study files. I helped to make sure the work study files were as complete as possible in compliance with labor laws.  I really enjoyed helping out with the college search workshops and reviewing summer applications. For the past two quarters, I witnessed the work study program help high school students build professional skills and self-confidence! Next year, I plan to continue be a member of the Cristo Rey community and help the first senior class with their college applications.
This year has been a lot of learning and self reflection. I am grateful the NPI fellowship allowed me to continue my exploration of the nonprofit sector. I have met so many kind and passionate individuals and this fellowship has been a wonderful experience.