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Aidan O'Neill

2017 NPI Fellow,
San Jose Mayor's Office

Economics Major
International Business & Spanish Studies Minor 
Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
Aidan's final thoughts on his internship:

The City of San José Office of Economic Development grows San José as a desirable place to live and work. It attracts and retains businesses of all sizes, helps local business districts, and develops commercial and residential real estate for the most effective use for the city.
During my fellowship, I worked with a mapping application to develop a more complete tool for managing street banners. I also helped administer Storefront Assistance grants to small businesses in local business districts. Finally, I was responsible for designing a site layout for a B2B and B2C local manufacturing site. This experience was relevant to my economic research class, since I explored topics of urban planning in my project. However, the experience enhanced much of my overall business education because of the perspectives I gained on the way government works.
Being part of the OED team was unique and always interesting. The Fellowship was a rewarding experience because I was working with many inspiring, fun, and generous people.