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Emily Torpey

Winter/Spring 2017 Fellow,
Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits

Economics Major
Home Town: Baldwin Park, CA

Emily's final thoughts on her internship:

The Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits (SVCN) connects many of the local nonprofits to ensure that a singular voice is shared to the community.  We host workshops and trainings to aid in advocacy and tech skills.  SVCN is also very influential in policy and funding roles within the nonprofit sector. This experience showed me what type of work environment really works for me. I enjoyed the fast-paced speed once I got used to it. I learned quite a bit about marketing and general tech skills and platforms that I never would have had the exposure to otherwise.

During my time at SVCN many of my roles were marketing tasks, such as posting to the many social media pages, creating flyers and other advertising.  I also had the chance to work with data and analytics.  One of the contributions I’m most proud of is the master spreadsheet of attendance from last year. We were able to pull quite a bit of useful information for our end of the year summary. This was a tangible learning opportunity to use the skills I’ve built over the last three years.  It’s much more impactful than sitting in a class.   I had the chance to build upon most of these skills in a way that far exceeded my expectations.