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Kate Weber

Winter & Spring 2017 Fellow,
Center for Employment Training

Management Information Systems Major
Economics Minor
Home Town: Chicago, IL
Kate's final thoughts on her internship:

The Center for Employment Training (CET)provides career training courses to aid those in the community to gain the personal, vocational and social support skills to succeed in the modern-day workforce. As a part of my internship with CET, I worked to create an alumni outreach database and helped prepare for the 50th anniversary gala.
Through the creation of the alumni database, CET will now be able to reconnect with past students to keep their alumni network active as well as receive important feedback about improvements to their programs. Much of my work on this project was built from the management information systems skills learned through my coursework at Santa Clara.
Getting to tie in skills from my MIS major to a primarily public relations and social media intern position was incredibly rewarding and part of the experience that I wasn’t expecting to gain. Beyond this, my experience at CET gave me an insight as to how nonprofits function and what my role in nonprofits can be going forward even if I’m not choosing it as a career path.