Sanchez, Brandon

Brandon Sanchez

Winter & Spring 2016 Fellow,
Office of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

Your major/minor: Psychology and History
Home Town: San José, CA
Interests: National/international politics, literature, film, cultural history, human memory
Organization: Legislative Policy team at the Office of the Mayor of San José

Give a brief summary of your responsibilities/tasks in the internship.

As an intern with the policy team, I performed and collaborated on a multitude of tasks, all of which drew on my ability to analyze and synthesize academic articles, news media, and statistical data. From making density maps to writing about permanent supportive housing, I helped to ground policy narratives with evidence.

How do you think you made positive contributions to the department/organization?

Through my research, I contributed supplementary data and analyses to the policy team.

How did this experience enhance or connect to what you are learning in your LSB or other courses?

My focus areas (youth crime prevention and housing) paralleled Santa Clara’s emphasis on social justice. Much of my work drew on the fundamental tenets of the Santa Clara education.

What was the most beneficial aspect of this experience for you?

Working so closely with (and among) policy analysts and policymakers allowed me to gain a more nuanced understanding of government and its inner workings.