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Ghana Global Fellow

Serving underprivileged children, youth and women in the rural areas of Ghana through social enterprise and education. 



Ghana Factbook

Global Fellows placement country

Western Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea, between Cote d'Ivoire and Togo

Tropical; warm and comparatively dry along southeast coast; hot and humid in southwest; hot and dry in north

Mostly low plains with dissected plateau in south-central area. Lake Volta is the world's largest artificial lake (manmade reservoir) by surface area (8,482 sq km; 3,275 sq mi); the lake was created following the completion of the Akosombo Dam in 1965, which holds back the White Volta and Black Volta Rivers

Global Fellows placement country



Ethnic Groups:
Akan 47.5%, Mole-Dagbon 16.6%, Ewe 13.9%, Ga-Dangme 7.4%, Gurma 5.7%, Guan 3.7%, Grusi 2.5%, Mande 1.1%, other 1.4%

Asante 16%, Ewe 14%, Fante 11.6%, Boron (Brong) 4.9%, Dagomba 4.4%, Dangme 4.2%, Dagarte (Dagaba) 3.9%, Kokomba 3.5%, Akyem 3.2%, Ga 3.1%, other 31.2%. Note: English is the official language

Information from the CIA's World Factbook




Bright Generation is currently working on two social enterprises, the Ghana Bamboo Bike and Kumasi Handmade Plastic Recycle Products. 

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