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Matt Jacobs

2017-2018 Presidents Council
Real Estate Association

Communication Major
Entrepreneurship Minor
Hometown: Marin County, California 
The Santa Clara University Real Estate Association was established in 2016 and serves as the premier Real Estate organization for SCU undergraduates. With over 200 active members, this association is the bridge between real estate centric career opportunities and provides students with concrete learning experiences.
I joined when it was founded because I had developed a strong interest in Commercial Real Estate over the duration of my college experience. My last two summer internships were real estate related and I strive to learn and become as knowledgeable as possible before I graduate.
My favorite part about being the leader of this organization is that I have the ability to facilitate all sorts of events for the Bronco community. Real estate is an area of business that a significant amount of students overlook, and being able to help educate the student body while also connecting with industry leaders is very exciting.