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Santa Clara Consulting 2017-18
Mishika Narula

2017-2018 Presidents Council
Santa Clara Consulting

Marketing Major
Entrepreneurship Minor
Hometown: Highland Park, Illinois
Santa Clara Consulting (SCC) is a non-profit student-run management consulting organization, that connects top talent at the university with companies in Silicon Valley to provide clients with innovative, insightful, and implementable business strategies.
As a student consultant, I advocate for social enterprise partnerships because I want to see firsthand a not-for-profit, or sustainable business, develop into an investment-ready venture. I joined Santa Clara Consulting with the intention of working with organizations and students that aspire to forge meaningful relationships to learn from one another.
Leading and working with a team of intelligent and empathetic students is, in part, what makes my SCC experience so fulfilling. As a team, we align ourselves with companies that share our values. As a result, we find ourselves inspired and motivated to help them work towards their vision. Our initial call, or meeting, with our client is one of my favorite moments to witness, as teammates begin to feed off of the energy of the client representative that is so passionately speaking with us.