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Global Fellows 2017
Alex Wu

2017-2018 Presidents Council
Delta Sigma Pi

Finance Major
OMIS Minor
Hometown: Guam
Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity, is organized to foster the study and practice of business by furthering a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.
I joined Delta Sigma Pi because I wanted to not only gain a better understanding of the business world, but also surround myself with like-minded individuals who would encourage me to be the best version of myself in everything I do. By constantly seeking involvement within the organization, I have been exposed to opportunities that have increased my awareness and knowledge for situations that I fit best as a leader and circumstances that I fit best as a supporter. Through daily interactions with members as business colleagues and close friends, I have been able to expose myself to different ways of thinking and perspectives that help shape me into the competent, compassionate, and conscious individual I strive earnestly to be one day.
Having been part of the leadership team since my first year, I've experienced and observed the inspiring growth of the fraternity and its individuals. As Delta Sigma Pi gradually grew into an organization that focuses on improving its members as whole and fostering a stronger bond between the brothers, a cycle of advancing the fraternity and developing its members as leaders was created, which has allowed the chapter to cultivate into the revered fraternity it is today. Though the chapter is on the right track, there are still many areas that the leadership team and its members continuously seek to improve that will ultimately set the framework for the next generation of Delta Sigma Pi brothers to succeed in becoming leaders within the business world.