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Student spotlight 2020
Fernanda Gaete

Orientation Advising Team
Leavey School of Business

Finance Major
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
What are you doing this summer? This summer I had the opportunity to facilitate the academic side of online orientation for incoming LSB students as a peer advisor. I got to interact with incoming first years and help them navigate class registration as well as answer all their questions about transitioning from high school to college.
What has been the most memorable part of your experience? It was a pleasant surprise to realize that I have become the type of upperclassman that I would have looked up to when I was an incoming first year. With that said, I also noticed that each of my conversations with the first years taught me how to be a better leader and listener. I came out of this experience all the more motivated to continue to be someone who learns and leads by example in the LSB community, and is always there to support my fellow Broncos!