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Leadership & Sustainability

As a Leavey School of Business student, you are a leader-in-training. 

In your Business School courses and leadership programs, you'll acquire the tools to help you make sound decisions, founded on your values and supported by objective data. You will have opportunity to talk with executives whose successes and mistakes shaped their organizations, learning how they developed products and services, financed and managed operations, and served customers and stakeholders. 

Listed below are academic courses, co-curricular programs, and business-related student clubs & organizations that foster your growth and prepare you to be a grounded and confident professional.


Academic Courses

BUSN 71: Foundations of Leadership (2 units)

Presents an introduction to specific practices of effective leadership through a series of speakers, directed leaders, and reflective writing assignments. Commonly taught by a current business professional.  Prerequisite: First- or second-year business student.

Contact the course instructor, Jack Caffey, for more information.

BUSN 72: Business Leadership Skills (2 units)

Designed to continue learning from BUSN 71 by focusing on leadership skills specific to a business environment.  The course integrates group discussion, selected readings, experiential learning, and reflective engagement experiences.  Prerequisites: BUSN 71 and first- or second-year business student. BUSN 132: Contemplative Leadership and Sustainability Program (2 units)

Contact Bill Mains for more information.

BUSN 132: Contemplative Leadership and Sustainability Program (2 units)

This course is designed to provide students opportunities to learn and rehearse contemplative leadership practices and explore the relationship between personal values, business, and sustainability.  The course introduces to students to issues of sustainability in industry, provides face-to-face encounters with professionals and companies/organizations already "doing the work" of sustainability, and immerses students in the region's natural and social environments via day-long weekend excursions.  Assignments include weekly journaling, weekly readings, small/large group discussions, short essays, and group project presentation. Prerequisites: Business student, Engineering student, or student in an appropriate Pathway (e.g., Leading People, Organizations, and Social Change; Food, Hunger, Poverty, and Environment; Sustainability; etc.)

Contact the course instructor, Bill Mains, for more information.

Here is a link to the course application.  Note that the application is due by Noon on Friday, 11/4.

BUSN 173: Leadership Experience (2 units)

This course is designed to provide an opportunity to reflective upon formative leadership experiences and develop an authentic leadership identity based upon core values and strengths.  To guide reflection, the course incorporates a variety of assessment instruments, group discussions, guest speakers, readings, and personal writing assignments.  Students are challenged to analyze and reflect upon their leadership experiences, listen to and learn from the leadership experiences of classmates, write and discuss their personal leadership story, identify their unique areas of leadership competency and strength, and craft a personal vision of leadership to strive for after graduation.  Prerequisites: Third- or fourth-year business student.

Contact the course instructor, James Fash, for more information.

MGMT 174: Social Psychology of Leadership (5 units)

This course provides a conceptual framework for understanding leadership and opportunities for developing leadership skills.  This interactive course requires personal reflection into leadership experiences and fieldwork with executives. Prerequisite: Students must have completed 87.5 units.

Contact the course instructor, Dr. Barry Posner, for more information.

MGMT 197B: Conscientious Capitalism (5 units)

Conscientious Capitalism is the application of personal virtue, purpose and accountability to individual leadership of business organizations and to the critical decisions that inspire employees and companies to drive innovation, market leadership and profits through the serving of employees, customers, stakeholders and community. This course is designed to prepare students to lead themselves and others in a business and social environment undergoing dramatic and increasingly rapid change. Students will participate in weekly case study discussions examining both positive and negative outcomes of prominent leadership decisions, and interact with leading business executives who will share their personal stories, experiences and challenges of operating successfully from a conscientious capitalism framework.  Students also will engage in individual and small group reflection with experienced mentors on their own stories, values, purpose and priorities. Prerequisite: Enrollment is through an application process and admittance will be for fourth-year students formally enrolled in a business major or minor.

The application for the course is available here.

Contact the course instructor, Chip Adams, for more information.


Co-Curricular Programs

Accelerated Cooperative Education Program (ACE)

Blending your academics with practical experience better prepares you for work in the world of business, and the ACE program uses internships, informal mentoring, and service learning opportunities to help you become the capable, ethical, and caring business leader known as the Santa Clara alumnus. Applications are due in the beginning of Spring Quarter 2017. Prerequisite: Applicants must be first-year business students have a 3.5 cumulative GPA to apply. 
Contact program director, Brenda Versteeg, for more information.
The Global Fellows Program

The Global Fellows Program is a nine-month mixed disciplinary program dedicated to fostering global citizens of competence, conscience, and compassion.  The Program sends 18-30 participants to work for a variety of socially conscious organizations across several continents.  Each organization varies in its methods and values, but all provide an exposure to global citizenship through an enhanced understanding of cultural, economic, social, political, and technological factors that underlie social injustice, marginalization, and privilege.  Selected fellows participate in a Spring quarter leadership practicum that engages their knowledge of global citizenship and what it means to be a leader in the 21st century.  Following Spring quarter, fellows go abroad for a five- to eight-week internship with the organization for whom they have been selected.  Prerequisite: Open to second- and third-year undergraduate students of all majors.

Contact program director, Tanya Bunger, for more information.

Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI)

The Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) provides opportunities for students to contribute to and learn from businesses, individuals, and organizations in low-income neighborhoods in the San Jose area about issues of economic prosperity.  The primary components of the NPI are the Field Studies course (BUSN 188) and the NPI Fellows program, which places students in paid internships in local non-profit organizations during Winter and Spring quarters. Prerequisites: Open to undergraduates of all majors.

Contact program director, Dr. Jackie Schmidt-Posner, for more information.

The Senior Leadership Academy (SLA)

The Senior Leadership Academy (SLA) is a unique program offered by the Leavey School of Business which provides select fourth-year undergraduate business students the opportunity to explore a leadership topic in-depth in a cohort format. Each SLA topic varies based upon current issues in leadership. These topics are designed to be relevant to issues senior students experience during their final year in college. Prerequisites: All fourth-year business students are invited to apply.

Contact program coordinator, Christine Minakakis, for more information.


Student Clubs & Organizations

Accounting Association

Alpha Kappa Psi - Psi Omega Chapter

Delta Sigma Pi - Gamma Xi Chapter

Finance Association

Leavey Black Business Association

Leavey School of Business Golf Club

OMIS Student Network

Retail Studies Student Association - Retail Management

Santa Clara Economics Association

Santa Clara Entrepreneurs (SCEO)

SCU Consulting

SCU Microfinance Association

Sustainable Business Studies Club

Undergraduate Women in Business