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The LSB Class of 2026

Welcome to the Leavey School of Business Class of 2026! 

Learn a little bit more about the Class of 2026: where they are from, what they like and what they are looking forward to at SCU!  We will be adding more profiles as we get the information. Check back in periodically and follow us on @scubusiness to see the updates! 

Notre Dame Preparatory
Scottsdale, Arizona

Christopher Gaudio

Fun Fact: I play baseball

Libertyville High School
Libertyville, Illinois

Meili Tompson

Looking forward to meeting new people with similar passions & enjoying the CA weather!

Seattle Preparatory School
Seattle, Washington

Benoit Jurion

Excited to make new friends and explore the Bay Area!

Santa Rosa High school
Santa Rosa, California

Maddie Sanabria

Fun Fact:  I was a dancer for 10 years

Santa Cruz High School
Santa Cruz, California

Samantha Wenger

Fun Fact:  I have an identical twin sister

South Eugene High School
Eugene, Oregon

Meera Lawnicki

Looking forward to meeting other students & discovering my educational opportunities

Regis Jesuit High School
Parker, Colorado

Daniela Mendez

Looking forward to meeting new people and exploring a new city!

Sunset High School
Portland, Oregon

Kushal Pai

Enjoys: Recording my track & field podcast

William S. Hart High School
Newhall, California

Andrea Tovar

Enjoys: Going to the gym & go on spontaneous adventures in LA with my friends

Podar International School
Mumbai, India

Gresha Chheda

Looking forward to making lifelong friends, interning at Apple, expanding my network and learning

Xavier College Preparatory
Phoenix, Arizona

Grace Teevan

Excited to live in such a beautiful and innovative part of the world

Interlake High School
Bellevue, Washington

Hailey Geibel

Looking forward to making tons of new friends

The Pennington School
Pennington, New Jersey

Ronan Karp

Fun Fact:  I have dual citizenship in the US and Ireland

Saratoga High School
Saratoga, California

Amy Li

Enjoys:  Playing tennis

Mayfield Senior School
Pasadena, California

Avalon Dela Rosa

Enjoys:   Thrifting and spending time with my friends

Bellarmine College Preparatory
San Jose, California

Andre Gaviola

Enjoys:  Basketball, playing musical instruments, and golfing!

Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit
San Jose, California

Erick Lopez

Fun Fact:  I like cars and participating in sports

Da Vinci Communications High School
Los Angeles, California

Ayana Alvarado

Enjoys:  Chilling at the beach with a cold drink in my hand

Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School
Bridgewater, New Jersey

Gabrielle Ruhnke

Enjoys:  Going on hikes!

Oak Ridge High School
El Dorado Hills, California

Siena Campbell

Excited to make new connections & to learn more about business

Arvin High School
Lamont, California

Juana Melgoza

Excited to meeting new people & visiting new places

Saint Francis High School
Hayward, California

Sabrina Gonzalez

Excited to explore campus & meeting other Broncos

Clairemont High School
San Diego, California

Konjite Abebe

Fun Fact:  I can move my ears, and talk fast

Mercer Island High School
Seattle, Washington

Ryan Brighton

Enjoys:  Mountain biking, hiking and skiing

Westridge High School
Los Angeles, California

Sophie Cheung

Fun Fact:  I have a scruffy terrier, 4 adopted cats, & have fostered 6 kittens

LEAF Academy, WLSA Shanghai Academy
Shanghai, China

Ingrid Zhang

Fun Fact:  I have solo traveled to many places!

Chadwick School
Redondo Beach, California

Josh Goodloe

Fun Fact:  I love to play music

Fusion Academy Los Gatos
Los Gatos, California

Skylar Aghazarian

Excited about the energetic atmosphere of the campus

Lakewood High School
Lakewood, Colorado

Kaitlyn Rice

Fun Fact:  I am a fly fisherman

Lake Forest Academy
Wadsworth, Illinois

Shaan Samra

Enjoys: Hanging with friends and playing basketball

Scranton Preparatory School
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Abigail Haggerty

Enjoys:  Hot yoga!

Shanghai American School Puxi
Taipei, Taiwan

Doreen Chang

Enjoys:  Spending time at nature trails, bookstores, and vinyl stores!

Gonzaga Prep
Spokane, Washington

Anna Rivard

Excited to meeting new friends

Middlesex County Academy for Biomedical Sciences and Allied Health
Monroe, New Jersey

Kristy Chereath

Excited about meeting people from different backgrounds

Dougherty Valley High School
San Ramon, California

Yael Sirineni

Enjoys:  Cooking, baking, & spending time with my friends!

Riverside Connecticut
Brunswick, Connecticut

Chris Dolan

Fun Fact:  I adopted a gorilla

Leigh High School
Chicago, Illinois

Jason Meyers

Enjoys: Playing video games with friends, especially Valorant

Wagor international School
Taichung Taiwan

Yun-Hsi Fan

Fun Fact:  I’m an online gamer and I have one pet

Leigh High School
San Jose, California

Aashvi Wason

Excited to make new friends!

TASIS The American School in England
Newtown, Pennsylvania

Will Agnew

Enjoys: Playing soccer, and going to the gym

Foothill High School
Santa Ana, California

Isaac Sandoval

Excited to meet new people

Colégio Poliedro
Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)

Eduardo Garcia

Excited to meet new people from all over the globe

Salinas High School
Salinas, California

Yaritza Castillo

Excited to make new friends & building connections with my professors

Henry M. Gunn High School
Palo Alto, California

Siham Arsalane

Fun Fact:  I play water polo - I’ve played for 7 years!

Archbishop Riordan High School
Tianjin, China

Shuyuan (Bill) Xing

Enjoys:  Running and swimming

Marin Catholic High School
Novato, California

Grace Perryman

Enjoys: Reading & going for hikes

Jesuit High School
Portland, Oregon

Avery Houle

Fun Fact:  I have a rapidly growing Nike sneaker collection

Willow Glen High School
San Jose, California

Ingrid Sanchez Claudio

Excited to meet new people, discover new ideas, & start this new adventure!

Leland High School
San Jose, California

Sophia Zhang

Enjoys:  Playing basketball and getting boba

Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha
Bangalore, Karnataka

Tanushree Nagaveni

Fun Fact:  I am an author

Monte Vista Christian School
Gilroy, California

Emily Francis

Enjoys:  Spending time outdoors at the beach or hiking

Hammond High School
Columbia, Maryland

Dzidzo Lassey

Fun Fact:  I'm an avid plant mom & have nine succulents, and cacti.

Leland High School
San Jose, California

Aaron Zhu

Fun Fact:  Some people say I wear a flannel a bit too often, they might be right

InterLake High School
Bellevue, Washington

Malika Tiwana

Fun Fact:  I love swimming

Archbishop Mitty High School
Campbell, California

Jared Otake

Fun Fact:  I believe microwave popcorn to be the apex of human culinary tradition

Issaquah High School
Issaquah, Washington

Ashlyn Wang

Excited to meet new people and live in the Bay Area

Sacred Heart Prep
Belmont, California

Zach Freire

Fun Fact:  I love to play sports and stay active

La Jolla High School
San Diego, California

Reese Cruz

Fun Fact:  Gym, cars, food, friends and great weather is all I need

Saint Ignatius College Prep
Chicago, Illinois

Maggie Junkins

Excited to meet new people and explore life at SCU!

Brea Olinda High School
Brea, California

Daniela (Dani) Garcia

Fun Fact:  I used to run track and ran 100m and 300m hurdles

Blue Valley North High School
Leawood, Kansas

Marina Cherafat

Excited to move to California, to meet new people, and study at LSB!!

Folsom High School
Folsom, California

Bianca Ray

Enjoys: Running, finding new hobbies or cooking!

The Village School of Naples
Naples, Florida

Reef Love

Excited to meet new people and be in a new environment

High Tech High Mesa High School
San Diego, California

Benjamin Brentnall

Excited to learn how to put myself out there & be a leader

Fremont High School
Sunnyvale, California

Atmika Bhatt

Enjoys: Reading, crocheting, anything creative!

Latino College Prep Academy
San Jose, California

Jasmin Lechuga Carrasco

Excited to learn new things!

Irvington High School
Fremont, California

Joshua Chen

Enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and going backpacking

Alameda Community Learning Center
Oakland, California

Bethlehem Melaku

Fun Fact:  I start watching shows and never finish them

Mayfield Senior School
Pasadena, California

Amelia Velasquez

Fun Fact:  I can drive a stick car

Brennan High School
San Antonio, Texas

Paulina Lizarraga

Excited to explore the campus and Bay Area!

Santa Margarita Catholic High School
Santa Ana, California

Kimberly Huff

Excited to make new friends


The Bear Creek School
Redmond, Washington

Luke Chang

Fun Fact:  I've played baseball for 13 years

Valley Christian High School
San Jose, California

Sanya Gupta

Excited to meet new people & take part in the events and programs around campus

Torrey Pines High School
San Diego, California

Madeleine Moon

Enjoys:  Going to the beach, hanging out with friends, trying new food, & rooting for the San Diego Padres!

Los Altos High School
Mountain View, California

Megan Chua

Enjoys:  Reading, getting boba, and hanging with friends

Overseas Family School
Las Vegas, Nevada

Nikita Chawla

Excited for new opportunities and meeting new people!

Evergreen Valley High School
San Jose, California

Anna Truong

Fun fact: I am a huge One Piece fan

Junipero Serra High School
San Mateo, California

Jason Huang

Enjoys: listening to music and critiquing them with friends

Canyon Crest Academy
San Diego, California

Bettina Zhang

Excited to meet new people

Arcadia High School
El Monte, California

Yanan (Helen) Zhang

Fun Fact:  I’m allergic to baby lotion

Mercer Island High School
Seattle, Washington

Jenson Hart

Enjoys: Playing golf

De La Salle High School
Alamo, California

Stephen Voorhees

Enjoys: Playing basketball

Garfield High School
Seattle, Washington

Byron Schmidt

Fun Fact:  I am a twin

Mooresville, North Carolina

Payton Pemberton

Fun Fact:  I wrote a magazine article on alpacas

International School of Kuala Lumpur
Taipei, Taiwan

Andrew Wang

Fun Fact:  I've lived in 4 countries

Downe House School
London/Hong Kong

Gwyneth Choi

Fun Fact:   I’m a film photographer & never leave the house without a camera!

Saratoga High School
Born in Chicago, IL, just moved from New Canaan, CT to Dubai UAE

Katerina Roth

Fun Fact:  I am moved 7 times before and my fist language is Spanish

St. Ignatius College Preparatory
San Francisco, California

Christian Chow

Fun Fact:  I like making comedy sketches

Fox Chapel Area High School
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Katie Voigt

Excited to explore a new state & meet people

Liberty High School
Portland, Oregon

Sidney Deiss

Enjoys:  Discovering new music, thrifting, & spontaneous outings with friends!

Hutchison School
Memphis, Tennessee

Layla Truitt

Fun Fact:  I play volleyball

Presentation High School
San Jose, California

Sage Martin

Fun Fact:  I love to write poetry

Dougherty Valley High School
San Ramon, California

Anokhi Ghiya

Fun Fact:  I have been dancing professionally for over 10 years

Fallbrook High School
Fallbrook, California

Jacqueline Ceja

Excited to explore a new area & make connections

Saint Francis High School
La Canada, California

Luke Tran

Excted to learn and participate in internships

Mountain House High School
Mountain House, California

Sheryl Victor

Enjoys:  Watching tv, reading, singing, & spending time with friends & family

Taipei Wego High School
Taipei, Taiwan

Chia-Yi Su

Fun Fact:  I'm a cat person & I adopted one last year!

West Ashley High School
Charleston, South Carolina

Dahlia Dayem

Fun Fact:  I love painting, although painting does not love me

Summit High School
Summit, New Jersey

Thomas McKay

Fun Fact:  I am a recruited athlete to the men's rowing team

Qilu Sino-Canadian International School

Haoyun Zou

Enjoys:  Running on the beach

Hackley High School
Tampa, Florida

Lucas Caramanica

Fun Fact:  I am an avid fisherman

Xavier School
Manila, Philippines

Derrick Buhain

Enjoys: Playing basketball & going on food trips!!

Episcopal School of Dallas
Dallas, Texas

James Click

Fun Fact:  When possible I like to travel to the mountains & ski

Portola High School
Irvine, California

Shreya Shah

Fun Fact:  I love my pet guinea pig, zip lining, hula-hooping, & I was on Nickelodeon once!

SHSID Shanghai High School International Division
Shanghai, China

Lillian Dai

Fun Fact:  I have a pet hedgehog

Milton Academy, MA
Edwards, Colorado

Jackson Potter

Excited to meet new people & try new things

Bellarmine College Preparatory
San Jose, California

Ryan Alappatt

Enjoys:  Playing poker, making guacamole, or watching indie flicks

Clovis High School
Fresno, California

Quetzaly Cruz

Enjoys:  Doing my own nails

Uprep High School
Seattle, Washington

Yoshi Malady

Excited to meet new people & make new friends

LFLA High School
Los Angeles, California

Alexander Von Banck

Enjoys:  Surfing & soccer

Westwood High School
Westwood, Massachusetts

Alexandra Bean

Excited to live in a new place and meet new people!

Reedley International School, Philippines
Mumbai, India

Tamanna Agarwal

Fun Fact: I've lived in 4 different countries

Hamilton High School
Phoenix, Arizona

Kian Lu

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing basketball & volleyball

Mt. Spokane High School
Colbert, Washington

Kylie Stiles

Fun Fact: Both of my parents went to SCU!