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Senior Fellows

Enrique S. Pumar, Ph.D., Fay Boyle Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology

Enrique Pumar

In 2017, Professor Enrique Pumar was named a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the University of Valladolid in Spain and in Fall 2017, he was named Visiting Lecturer at the Cultural Institute Felix Varela in La Habana, Cuba, a degree-granting institution sponsored by the Vatican. He also has held a postgraduate research fellow appointment at the Smithsonian Institution. The author of over 50 publications in the areas of international migration and political and economic sociology, he serves in the editorial board of multiple academic journals, including Sociological Forum, and is the Contributing Editor for Sociology for the Handbook of Latin American Studies published by the Library of Congress. Pumar is the past president of the DC Sociological Society and has served the American Sociological Association in multiple elected positions.


Shannon Vallor, Ph.D., Regis and Dianne McKenna Professor of Philosophy

Shannon Vallor’s research areas of expertise are the philosophy and ethics of science and technology, with a special focus on the ethics of emerging technologies. Her current research project focuses on the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on our moral and intellectual habits, skills, and virtues. She currently serves on the executive leadership team of the non-profit Foundation for Responsible Robotics and is a past President of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. Her work has appeared in the journals Philosophy and Technology, Ethics and Information Technology, Techne Inquiry, and Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, as well as a 2016 monograph from Oxford University Press: Technology and the Virtues: A Philosophical Guide to a Future Worth Wanting. She is the editor of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Technology. Professor Vallor has a special interest in the integration of ethics with industry and engineering/computer science education, and consults on this subject with a range of stakeholders inside and outside academia, including industry, government, law, media, and public policy professionals and advocates. As part of that effort, she has authored introductory teaching modules in data ethics, cybersecurity ethics and software engineering ethics that can be downloaded free of charge from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at SCU; her modules have been requested for use by over 100 universities on five continents. Recent professional honors include the World Technology Award in Ethics from the World Technology Network (2015), the Brutocao Award for Teaching Excellence (2015), and the Public Intellectual Award from the SCU College of Arts and Sciences (2017).

Technology and the Virtues: A Philosophical Guide to a Future Worth Wanting (2016, OUP)

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics teaching modules in introductory software engineering, data and cybersecurity ethics

Follow Professor Vallor on Twitter @ShannonVallor