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Section 16.2 Storage

Section 16.2  Storage

(16.2.1)  Bicycles may be parked only in those areas which have been specifically designated for this purpose. A bicycle parking area is indicated by the presence of bicycle racks. All bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks.

(16.2.2) Bicycles may not be parked in a way which would block or impede the access to a building entrance or exit. Bicycles may not be left within six feet of an entrance or exit unless the area is designated for bicycle parking by racks. Additionally, no bicycle may be parked in any entrance, exit or access ramp to any building on campus.

(16.2.3)  Bicycles may not be parked in a manner which would impede the normal access to ramps designated for wheelchair or handicapped access to facilities.

(16.2.4)  Bicycles may not be parked or left on any lawn or landscaped area except those which have been designated for bicycle parking by the placement of racks.

(16.2.5)  Bicycles may not be chained or attached to shrubbery, trees, plants, handrails, posts,  doors, lamps, telephone poles or other objects which are not designated for the purpose of securing bicycles.

(16.2.6)  Bicycles may not be parked or left standing in any lobby, hallway or room of any building. This regulation does not include any area or room which has been assigned as that person’s office or place of residence, e.g., a residence hall room.

(16.2.7)  Bicycles should be secured by means of a rigid U-style lock; and the wheel(s) should be secured to the frame with this device as well.  Chains, padlocks, and cable locks are not recommended.

(16.2.8)  Care must be used when securing a bicycle to a rack so as not to inadvertently (or intentionally) secure a neighboring bicycle with your lock.  CSS will respond to complaints where another’s bicycle lock prevents the removal of a bicycle from a campus bicycle rack.  CSS personnel will remove the lock at the request of the “trapped” bicycle’s owner.  CSS will not be responsible for the cost of replacement of the responsible lock and/or the cost to repair the bicycle to which it was secured.