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Section 17.3 Program

Section 17.3  Program

(17.3.1)  Applicants can sign up with the Dero Zap program by completing an application. Current SCU Permit Holders are not eligible to participate

(17.3.2)  Participants will sign up for the program here. A Dero Zap account will be created for any Faculty/Staff member who qualifies for the program. An RFID tag will be affixed to the participants bicycle by the Transportation Office. Participants will ride through the Main Gate to be captured by the Dero Zap equipment installed there and rides are calculated at the rate of one (1) per day6 AM to 8 PM, M-F, school holidays excepted. Participants will be able to redeem five (5) points for one (1) free parking pass at the Main Gate Kiosk by showing their Access card on the days they drive to campus. Bicycle commuters may receive only one (1) validation per normal business day.

(17.3.3)  Points accumulated for daily commutes may be redeemed for a Parking Pass:

  1. One (1) Daily Parking Pass will be issued for every five (5) points redeemed.
  2. Accumulated points are valid for one year.

(17.3.4)  Points may be redeemed at the University’s Main Gate kiosk, Transportation Office or at the CSS office.  Daily Parking Passed issues as a part of the program are only valid on the day of redemption.  Parking will be provided in B/E parking lot(s) as determined appropriate.