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Section 2.3 During permit hours

Section 2.3  During permit hours (Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 8 PM, excluding holidays), all vehicles on campus must have a parking permit visible from outside the vehicle.

(2.3.1) Issued permit hang tags, daily permits, or other special hang tags (contractors, visitors, etc.) must be readable from outside the vehicle through the windshield.

(2.3.2) Enforcement officers are not required to search a vehicle’s interior (seat, dashboard, etc.) in an attempt to locate a parking permit. 

(2.3.3) It is not sufficient to have purchased the permit.  The permit holder is responsible for ensuring that the permit is displayed properly when a permitted vehicle is parked.

(2.3.4) Motorcycle Permits are to be displayed on the right front fork area of the vehicle Expired permit stickers shall not be displayed.

(2.3.5) Possession of a parking permit is a privilege that allows the permit holder to park in an available space in a designated lot that corresponds with their permit category.