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Section 3.3 Special Permit (A)

Section 3.3 Special Ppermit (A)

(3.3.1)  May park in spaces and areas designated for special vehicles with a valid Permit (such as service spaces and loading zones, or as directed by Transportation/Campus Safety Services).

(3.3.2)  Special vehicles include:

  1. University-owned vehicles.
  2. Contractor or vendor services vehicles
  3. Other vehicles which display an A Permit issued by Transportation Services

(3.3.3)  Service spaces are reserved for service vehicles displaying an “A” Permit.

(3.3.4)  Service Spaces are designed to temporarily accommodate vendors/contractors and University service vehicle for limited periods, not to exceed two (2) hours at any location, unless approved by Transportation/Campus Safety Services.

(3.3.5)  Consultants, contractors and Vendors that have an extended presence on campus may be required to purchase parking permits and park in B/E, or other spaces.

(3.3.6)  Parking in Service spaces is enforced 24 hour a day, or as marked