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Section 3.9 Reduced Fee Permit (F)

Section 3.9  Reduced Fee Permit (F)

Reduced fee permits (F) are only available to resident and non-resident students, alumni, and graduate students.

(3.9.1)   Any vehicle possessing a valid SCU parking permit may park in any "F" lots. 

(3.9.2)  "F" permits are only valid in the "F" lots.  Holders of this permit are not allowed to park in any other lot.  

(3.9.3)   Alumni that are not faculty or staff are eligible to purchase "F" permits. 

(3.9.4)   Residents of University Villas may purchase "F" permits when overflow parking is required. 

Exception:  "F" permit holders may park in any ADA space if they possess a valid disabled placard issued by the DMV.