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Section 3.9 Reduced Fee Permit (F)

Section 3.9  Reduced Fee Permit (F)

Reduced fee lots are open to students who purchase a reduced fee permit, resident and non-resident student, graduate students.

(3.9.1)   Visitor's possessing a valid parking permit may park in the F lot.

(3.9.2)   Reduced fee pemits are valid only in the reduced fee lots.  Holders of this permit are not allowed to park in any other lot.  Exception:  F permit holders may park in a "B" or "E" Lot if the person possesses a valid disabled placard by DMV.

(3.9.3)   Alumni that are not faculty or staff, non-resident undergraduates and graduate students are the only persons eligile to purchase Reduced-Fee Pemits.  Exception:  Residents of University Villas may purchase an F permits when overflow parking is required.  Faculty & Staff that have been issued a Permanent Disabled Placard by CA DMV may still purchase a Reduced-Fee Permit.

(3.9.4)   Holders of B, C, & E permits may park in “F” lots.

(3.9.5)   F permit holders may not park in other permitted areas when F lots closed for events.  F permitted vehicles may find alternate “F” lots to park or park off campus