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Section 7.1 Violations Subject to Citation and/or Removal

Section 7.1  The following violations are subject to citation and/or removal

P1. Parking without displaying a valid permit   Fine: $50
P2. Red zones (including fire lanes)  Fine: $75
P3. Loading zones (yellow)   Fine: $50
P4. Disabled Parking without a DMV placard displayed (includes parking in marked stalls or adjacent  access areas)   Fine: $280
P5. Overtime Parking (Visitor, Service, Green Zone 30 Min) Fine $50
P6. Parking in two spaces   Fine: $50
P7. Parking outside space markings (T marks) Fine: $50.
P8. Failure to obey signs, marking, or any traffic control device   Fine: $50
P9. Parking in unauthorized areas (Pedestrian Walkways & Service Spaces) Fine: $75
P10. Any parking that creates a hazard or is an obstruction to traffic.   Fine: $75     
P13. Display/use of fraudulent/lost/stolen permit.  Fine:  $100 Plus loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

>>Operators of vehicles receiving three (3) or more violations may be subject to further penalties including revocation of all parking privileges for the school year. Vehicles belonging to persons whose parking privileges have been revoked will be subject to immediate removal if found unattended on campus.

>>Persons wishing to inquire about any unpaid parking citations issued to a vehicle may log to at any time for an up-to-date listing of outstanding SCU parking citations. They may also clear these citations via credit card payment at this site.  A convenience fee is required for each citation paid. 

>>See Immobilization and Impound of Vehicles on Page 17 for more information