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Section 9.1 Immobilization (Booting)

Section 9.1  Immobilization (Booting)

Campus Safety Officers are authorized to immobilize (“boot”) a vehicle if it is found parked and unattended on University owned or operated facilities and it is known that at least three (3) or more notices of parking violations are delinquent because the owner or person in charge of the vehicle has not responded to the Parking Enforcement Center within 21 days of the notice of parking violation. 

Vehicles so immobilized shall only be released upon a showing of proof of ownership or responsibility for the vehicle and providing payment* for all delinquent notices of parking violations.  A $50 services fee will be charged for removal of all locking devices used to immobilize the vehicle.  Unauthorized Removal of an immobilization device will result in the loss of all parking privileges for the academic year.