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SCU Bronco Alert Archive

2021 Campus Alerts and Updates

Prior year's alerts are archived and available upon request to


SCU Bronco Alert: 

Location: 800 Bellomy Street (Off Campus)

On 2/27/21, at approximately 1711 hours, Campus Safety was alerted of Santa Clara Police (SCPD) activity in-progress in the corner of Alviso and Bellomy St. The suspect who attempted to steal a vehicle entered 800 Bellomy and hid in the house. Further updates to follow.

SCU Bronco Alert Update 1:

On 2/27/21, at 1756 hours, Campus Safety advises that the suspect is currently contained but not in custody. 

SCU Bronco Alert Update 2:

On 2/27/21, at 1818 hours, SCPD advises that the suspect is now in custody. Police activity is still in progress but no longer a threat. Please continue to stay away from the area.

SCU Bronco Alert Update 3:

On 2/27/21, at 1900 hours, SCPD has cleared the area of Alviso and Bellomy St. The area is now open to normal traffic. 


SCU Bronco Alert: 

Location: Campus Wide

On 5/11/21, at approximately 1614 hours, Silicon Valley Power advised Campus Safety of a power outage affecting parts of campus. Campus Safety's phone lines are down. For emergencies, call or text 911. Campus Safety's alternate emergency line is temporarily setup as 408-590-2178. Further information to follow as it becomes known.

SCU Bronco Alert Update:

On 5/11/21, at 1639 hours, Silicon Valley Power advises power has been restored. Campus systems and emergency phones line are now working normally. Stay safe!


SCU Bronco Alert: 

Location: Market Street and Alviso Street

On 8/26/21, at 1058 hours, Santa Clara Police are in the area of Market Street and Alviso Street actively working an incident. There is no danger to the main campus at this time and no weapons are involved.

Santa Clara Police Officers have requested Campus Safety Services assist in the temporary closure of Market Street to Lafayette Street out of caution. For campus community members working, or planning to travel on that side of campus, please stay out of the area until further notice. Santa Clara Police will update Campus Safety as new information comes in.

Additional SCU Bronco Alerts to follow in either text or email format as needed.

SCU Bronco Alert Update:

On 8/26/21, at 1122 hours, Campus Safety advised that SCPD has cleared the area, the subject is in custody. CSS has opened Market and Alviso to all traffic. Thank you for your patience.


SCU Bronco Alert: 

Campus Community,

Earlier today, a theft of unattended laptops occurred on campus. While the search for the suspect is ongoing, Campus Safety Services would like to remind our new and returning community members of important General Safety Precautions to help keep you and your property safe and secure. 

Remember to always:

  • Be mindful of your surroundings.
  • Keep your space secure from unauthorized access.
  • Do not leave your valuables unattended, even for a few minutes.

In the event of an emergency, dial or text 911. Or call the Campus Safety Services emergency line at 408-554-4444.

More information about Emergency Preparation can be found on the attached document.

Thank you Broncos, stay safe!