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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Claire Edwards

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Claire Edwards

Peer Career Advisor

Marketing, '21

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Hi! My name is Claire and I am a Marketing major and Retail Studies minor, entering my junior year at SCU. This will be my first quarter working at the Career Center, and I also work in the University Archives and Special Collections on the third floor of the library. I am now the Co-VP of Events for SCU Women in Business and I am the Business Manager for the Redwood Yearbook. I have been working in all of these positions since my freshman year here. My career goal is to work in marketing at a retail company about which I am passionate. This summer, I will be interning at Sun Bum in my home town of San Diego, doing marketing for the company’s sun care products and their new hair product line. My hobbies include spending time by the beach, going on hikes and walks by the ocean, taking spin classes at the studio in San Diego where I work seasonally, and discovering new local coffee shops. A career tip I always live by is to treat every job like it’s your dream job, whether it’s the internship you’ve been hoping for or simply a side job to make money. Treat everyone in the workplace nicely, be respectful to your boss/manager, and be optimistic. You never know where it might take you.

Fun fact: I have three pet tortoises.