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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Manan Mangal

Manan Mangal

Web Student Assistant

Computer Science & Engineering, '21

Hello! I'm Manan and I am a Computer Science and Engineering international graduate student. In the past, I've worked for more than 3 years in the industry and have had the opportunity to work on web application, UI/UX and microservices API development. In addition, I'll also be interning at Palo Alto Networks this summer.

I love to explore new places and experience different cultures. I also enjoy watching movies, web series and anime in my free time. Fun fact: I have watched FRIENDS over 10 times! You can also find me playing badminton at the Malley Center.

My advice would be to try to go to all the campus events and networking events to connect with people from the industry. Make the most out of the Career Center. They have a lot to offer from helping with building your resume and cover letter to helping you with the interviews.

Fun fact: I have watched FRIENDS over 10 times.