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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Tiffany Lee

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Tiffany Lee

Web Student Assistant

Web Design & Engineering, '20

Hello! I'm Tiffany, a senior Web Design and Engineering major with a Computer Engineering minor. I'm interested in working in front-end engineering, web development, or UI/UX design in the future. I've had the opportunity to travel to many different countries in Asia (especially Taiwan, where my family lives), and in my free time, I like to sing (I'm a total choir nerd) and create various types of music/art.

I'm a Web Student Assistant in the Career Center, so I work on maintaining the CC website and creating new pages, among other web-related tasks. I recommend exploring the website to gain information about different resources the CC offers, because there's definitely a lot that's offered that not many people know about!

A fun fact about me is that I love dyeing my hair different colors. I've had dark red, mauve, metallic blue, dark blue, and silver/gray hair!