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Career Center, Santa Clara University

Interested in working abroad?  

Enhance your research and exploration with GoinGlobal, an award-winning job and career resource with guides for interning, working and studying at home and abroad. GoinGlobal helps job and internship seekers find opportunities both at home and abroad. They are an expert-created, constantly updated career resource committed to providing “grassroots employment intelligence” through their team of local career experts. These globally-minded individuals are in place around the world, personally monitoring and updating the career information and resources that they deliver to you.

USA Career City Guides: USA Careers, along with GoinGlobal, offers up-to-date employment resources for the largest metropolitan areas across America and provides both new and experienced job seekers with a comprehensive toolkit for fast tracking their career search. Each guide features more than 300 resources compiled by local employment specialists. Topics include: Job search resources, hiring trends, industry overviews, professional and social networking groups, work permit and visa regulations, financial considerations, resume guidelines, interview tips, cultural advice, and more.