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ESS major Cori Grainger '16 interned 
in the Caribbean with The Nature Conservancy.

College of Arts and Sciences

Home to the humanities, visual and performing arts, and natural and social sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences offers majors, minors, and core requirements for undergraduate students. The College also offers a graduate degree in Pastoral Ministries.

Student Spotlight

Kyle Tamshen

Sigma Xi: 2015 Research Poster Presentation - Promoter Bashing of a Hox Gene Involved in C. elegans Cell Fate Determination

Kyle Tamshen, Robert Kousnetsov, and Amanda Dewey use electrophoretic mobility shift assays to analyze the interactions between protein LIN-31 and DNA from lin-39.

    Featured Faculty

    Cryptography and Outreach in Malawi

    Professor Ed Schaefer taught at Mzuzu University and learned life lessons from the Malawian people