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Graduate Program inPastoral Ministries

Current Students

Electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) are digital collections created by students over time that make their classroom learning visible. Samples of students’ work can represent their knowledge, skills, talents, and experiences captured through a wide variety of formats, including text, multimedia presentations, video, or sound. These artifacts provide a record of accomplishments, offer deeper insights into students’ learning experiences, and can be tailored for various purposes or audiences. You can access the ePortfolio software [Digication] by going to the scu login portal and providing your student credentials and then select the DiIGI[cation] tile. Essentially, students are to upload every paper that has been submitted in each class into their ePortfolio. The paper should include the professor’s comment(s) and final grade. There are two projects required of each student based on his or her ePortfolio:

  1. Mid-program Review: The mid-program review will take place after the completion of eight courses which must include at least three foundation courses. Students will write a paper assessing their progress in the program. They will also select those assignments that demonstrate how they have met the objectives of the program. These assignments should be considered for inclusion in the Capstone ePortfolio.

  2. Capstone ePortfolio: Students will review the student learning objectives for the program and will use an electronic portfolio system to submit final projects/papers for courses that they believe best demonstrate their accomplishment of each learning objective. The portfolio will include projects from three Foundations courses and three Emphasis courses. The student will also write an 8-10 page integrative paper at the end of their degree program after making their final ePortfolio selections, reflecting on the following questions:

How did I come to understand each of the five learning goals through the chosen projects and the program in general?

How did mastering these learning goals and objectives strengthen my ability to minister?

Financial Aid applications must be filled out and submitted each academic year to be considered for scholarship funds.

Financial Aid applicants must:

Complete and submit your online 2016-2017 Financial Aid Application to be considered for a Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries scholarship. For those applicants in active ministry please also complete the 2016-17 Ministry Scholarship Application to be considered for the Ministry Scholarship. Please submit all required supporting documentation to:

Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Kenna Hall, 323
Santa Clara, CA 95053-0337(408) 554-4831
fax (408) 554-7830

GPPM Sources of Financial Aid

The types of aid available to our graduate students include the Ministry Scholarship, Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries (GPPM) Scholarship, Rev. Francis L. Markey Women in Ministry Fellowship, or Federal Financial Aid in the form of loans.

Note: International students are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Financial aid scholarships are annual awards.
Students must reapply each academic year.

  • Ministry Scholarship, GPPM Scholarships, and the Rev. Francis L. Markey Women in Ministry Fellowship do not require students to file a FAFSA for eligibility. The Scholarships are detailed below.
Federal Financial Aid Resources
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a financial assessment tool that aids in assessing financial need. Any student interested in obtaining federal loans is required to file a FAFSA. For specific questions regarding Federal Loans or FAFSA information, please contact 408-551-1000 or
Ministry Scholarship

This scholarship is for those individuals active in some type of ministry (i.e., Eucharistic Ministry, Youth Ministry, Catechetical Ministry, etc.) and awards a 25% tuition scholarship. To apply, complete the online 2016-17 Ministry Scholarship Application(PDF) and Ministry Certification form (PDF).  This is an annual scholarship and students must apply each academic year.

GPPM Scholarship
GPPM scholarships are awarded by the GPPM office to currently enrolled and newly accepted students according to need. Scholarship amounts typically range from 25% to 50% of annual tuition costs, and are based on need. The FAFSA is not required to be considered for a GPPM scholarship. To apply, complete the online 2016-17 GPPM Financial Aid Application. This is an annual scholarship and students must apply each academic year.

Rev. Francis L. Markey Women in Ministry Fellowship
Rev. Francis L. Markey Women in Minisltry Fellowships provide financial assistance for women in parish or diocesan ministry who are enrolled in the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries (GPPM) to obtain a graduate degree.

Application Requirements:
  • Currently be working or have demonstrated intent to work in parish or diocesan ministry in either the Diocese of San José or the Diocese of Monterey
  • Enrolled or recently accepted in the GPPM
  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Application including all supporting documentation must be submitted by July 1 prior to the Fall quarter of that year.
Requirements of those selected as Markey Fellows:
  • Provide annual letters of appreciation to the Fellowship donor(s)
  • Attend events arranged by the GPPM with the donor(s) and other Fellowship recipients (e.g. lunch or dinner)
  • Maintain academic progress toward the degree as a student in good standing
To Apply please submit the following to the GPPM office by July 1 prior to the Fall quarter you wish to attend:
  • Completed GPPM Financial Aid Application
  • A Personal Statement addressing the following points:
  • The importance of women in ministry
  • The specific contributions you have and/or are prepared to make to your diocese
  • The difference this Fellowship will make for you in pursuing the Master’s degree
  • Anything else you would like the committee to know about yourself
  • A letter from the Bishop of the diocese in which you live or work supporting your application for a Markey Fellowship
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with your ministry
  • A résumé of your ministry including your volunteer work

Supporting documentation may be mailed to:

Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Kenna Hall, 323
Santa Clara, CA 95053-0337

Supporting documentation may be faxed to:
(408) 554-7830


Each quarter a registration period is held to allow all GPPM students to enroll in classes. Students are assigned appointment times in the eCampus system during the designated initial registration period. Appointment times are assigned based on the number of units a student has accumulated plus current enrollment. Students may register for classes any time after their appointment day and time, but not before, until the Open Enrollment period closes. If a student has not registered for any course by the end of the Open Enrollment period and eventually registers for a course within the quarter a late registration fee will be assessed by the University Bursar’s Office.

Prior to registering for classes, a student must resolve any registration holds that have been placed on his/her student record. To resolve a hold the appropriate office(s) must be contacted. To navigate the eCampus registration system effectively, students are encouraged to monitor their accounts and clear any holds as quickly as possible. Students will not be able to add or swap any classes until their records are clear. New students are encouraged to clear any holds as soon as possible related to missing transcripts or any of the admissions criteria identified at the time of admission.

As a condition of enrollment, SCU requires students to have a health insurance plan, both to protect against unexpected high medical costs and to provide access to quality care.

2017/2018 Student Health Insurance

Santa Clara University requires all degree seeking students enrolled at least half -time in their school or college to have health insurance (excluding certificate and online programs).  ALL F-1 visa students, regardless of number of units, are required to have insurance. This requirement helps to protect against unexpected high medical cost and provides access to quality health care. 

Students may purchase the university sponsored Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, but are not required to if they can provide proof of other insurance coverage comparable to the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan as outlined in the benefit and waiver requirements below. Students with comparable health insurance who are taking classes on campus must complete the Online Waiver Form with their own insurance information prior to the waiver deadline date. Below is health insurance billing and payment information:

All 2017-2018 students please carefully read your student information below prior to accessing the Health Insurance Waiver Form.
You must
Click Here to complete the waiver, request enrollment into the Aetna insurance or review the Aetna plan benefits.

Graduate students who DO NOT complete the online waiver by August 25 will be charged the annual health insurance premium to their student account.  The charge will be due September 21.

  • Waivers received between August 25-September 21 will have the health insurance charge reversed from their account within 3-5 business days, without penalty.
  • Waivers received after the September 21 and prior to the Graduate FINAL waiver submission deadline of September 25, will receive the health insurance charge reversed within 3-5 business days, but incur a $100 non-refundable late fee.     
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