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Graduate Program inPastoral Ministries


The Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries at SCU seeks to transform hearts and lives through the engagement of theology and ministry for competence, conscience, and compassion in accompanying others. There are currently three emphases available along with the general MA degree with no emphasis. 

General MA degree with no emphasis

The Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministries is comprised of 60 quarter units from 15 four unit courses. Seven of these are required Foundational Courses for every degree-seeking student in the program. There are eight additional courses required for the degree and they may be chosen from a variety of courses in Catechetics, Latina/o Ministry, Pastoral Liturgy, Pastoral Ministry, Restorative Justice and Chaplaincy, Theology or Youth and Young Adult Ministry. 

Restorative Justice & Chaplaincy

Offered in Oakland and San Diego dioceses.

  • 7 Required Courses

    Theological Foundations for Ministry,
    Hebrew Bible,
    New Testament,
    Theological Ethics,
    Sacraments and Liturgy
  • 5 Core Courses

    Introduction to Restorative Justice,
    Trauma and Healing in a Broken World,
    Introduction to the Criminal Justice System,
    Intercultural and Interreligious Competencies
  • 3 Elective Courses

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Latina/o Ministry

Offered in San Bernardino and San José dioceses.

  • 7 Required Courses

  • 4 Core Courses

    US Latina/o Theology,
    History and Mission in Latina/o Perspective,
    Latina/o Popular Religiosity and Its Ethics of Solidarity,
    Latin@x Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • 4 Elective Courses

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Diaconate Ministry

Offered in Monterey and San José dioceses.

  • 7 Required Courses

  • 4 or 5 Core Courses

    These courses vary depending on the diocese. They are often chosen from Spirituality and Ministry,
    Preaching the Word,
    Intro to Canon Law,
    Catholic Social Teaching,
    The Eucharist,
    and Faith, Youth and Culture to name a few.
  • 3 or 4 Elective Courses

  • These are optional if the deacon candidate does not choose to complete the MA degree.
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