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Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies

AIMES Newsletter

Interdisciplinary Minor in Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies (AIMES)



Edited by David Pinault, Department of Religious Studies

A note from the editor

Welcome to Fall Quarter 2015, and the 9th year of our AIMES program.  I hope your courses are off to a good start.  As you can see from the 'News & Updates' below, our students and faculty have been involved in a wide variety of activities; I think you'll find this material interesting to read (your editor certainly did). 

A special request from the Editor: If you have contact information (especially email addresses) for any student Alumni of the AIMES program, please send this to me, and I'll add their addresses to our mailing list, so they'll be sure to receive a copy of the AIMES Newsletter.  Thank you!