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Department ofAnthropology


To major in Anthropology, a student must complete the following courses:

  1. Anthropology 1 (Introduction to Biological Anthropology)
  2. Anthropology 2 (Introduction to Archaeology)
  3. Anthropology 3 (Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology)
  4. Anthropology 50 or Poli Sci 50 or ENVS 50 (World Geography)
  5. Sociology 1 (Principles of Sociology)
  6. Introductory Statistics (See advisor for recommendations)
  7. Anthropology 110 (Theory) Normally taken in the Sophomore or Junior year.
  8. Anthropology 112 (Methods) Normally taken in the Sophomore or Junior year.
  9. Anthropology 114 (Senior Project) taken in the Winter of the Senior year.
  10. Anthropology 198 (Research Practicum)
  11. FIVE Upper Division Electives Upper division anthropology courses are grouped into the following four categories. Students must complete five courses, and at least THREE of the four categories must be represented in their selection. Biological (Anth 130 thru 139), Archaeology(Anth 140 thru 149), Cultural (Anth 150 thru 179), Regional (Anth 180 thru 189).
  12. SIX Anthropology Seminars (two offered each quarter - make sure you sign the attendance sheet)