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Department ofAnthropology


Anthropology offers a minor for students who wish to combine the insights of this field with their major discipline. Minors introduce students to the general orientations of Anthropology in selected lower-division courses, and then require more in-depth examination of the subjects in upper-division courses. The following courses must be taken in the Anthropology Minor:

  • Anth 001 (Introduction to Physical Anthropology) or Anth 002 (Introduction to Archaeology)
  • Anth 003 (Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Additionally, students must complete:

  • One additional lower division elective in Anthropology (which may be Anth 001 or Anth 002)
  • Anthropology 110 (Theory)
  • Two other upper division courses in Anthropology
  • Four Anthropology Seminars (two offered each quarter)

Students interested in declaring a minor in Anthropology need to complete a Program Declaration or Change of Program form, which can be obtained from the Department of Anthropology Office located in O'Connor Hall 329.