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Ana Araujo

Ana Araujo

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer


Dr. Araujo is a cultural anthropologist whose research focus is on anthropology of the economy, critical development studies, gender, and feminist theory. In particular, her work has centered on the effects of economic restructuring and globalization in Latin America. Her research in northeast Brazil focused on local negotiations with mainstream economic development in the semiarid region (known as the sertão). This work examined how residents negotiated older economic practices and understandings of the economy with the newer market-oriented models that have become predominant in the region with the rise of export-oriented agriculture. Currently, she is interested in the work of activists, NGOs, and residents of the Brazilian semiarid in fashioning and supporting forms of sustainable regional development and how these practices relate to water politics in the region. She earned her PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Anthropology 3: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 12A: Peace and Violence
Anthropology 150: Anthropology of Religion
Anthropology 152: Political Anthropology
Anthropology 185: Peoples of Latin America