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Department ofAnthropology

Luis Calero

Luis Calero
Luis Calero

Associate Professor

Dr. Calero’s academic background in cultural anthropology has centered on the study of indigenous and peasant cultures of Latin America. He has carried out field research in Andean South America and Central America focusing on questions of ethno-history, cultural and environmental survival, sustainable development, globalization and migration. 

  • Anthropology 3: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Anthropology 12: Peace and Violence
  • Anthropology 50: World Geography
  • Anthropology 110: Anthropology Theory
  • Anthropology 150: Religion in Culture and Society
  • Anthropology 158: Applied Anthropology
  • Anthropology 159: Critiquing Culture Change and Development
  • Anthropology 185: Peoples of Latin America
Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae